Collaborating to create a future worth celebrating—look how far we have come

Our initial three year marketing plan is now complete and the mango industry has much to celebrate. Over the past three years we have united in our quest to deliver a mango experience that meets and exceeds consumer expectations and in doing so we have significantly changed the value and importance of the mango category.

Growers can actively lead new cutting-edge research into optimising nutrient management for the mango industry

The Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Resources (NTDPIR), in partnership with Queensland University of Technology (QUT), is leading one of ten research projects into improving nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) as part a larger national research program; More Profit from Nitrogen (MPfN).

Mulch and mangoes

Mulching mangoes, now that’s a new idea. Well no, some innovative growers have been mulching for years. Soil in which mangoes are grown is usually light textured, infertile and well-drained, which can lead to tree health, nutrition and water issues in the tropical, north Australian climate. Mulching is suggested to buffer these effects and potentially improve mango yields.

Transporting your mangoes to market— do you know how they are being treated?

Are your mangoes being treated well as they travel by road or rail from farm to market? Are the conditions in the refrigerated container controlling the quality of the fruit as you expected, or are your fruit ripening too quickly or getting damaged because the temperatures are too low? Are your transport conditions being monitored so you can identify if improvements need to be made to prevent loss of quality and value?