Northern Australia Food Futures Conference

Northern Australia Food Futures Conference

Date: Monday, 17 May to Thursday, 20 May 2021

Where: Darwin Conference Centre


The Northern Australia Food Futures Conference is Australia’s leading conference on agricultural development in the North. 

The conference is integral in driving expansion in the north and places northern agriculture on the national agenda. Investors, politicians, industry and community stakeholders from around Australia and the world attend the Conference to explore agricultural opportunities in the north. 

The theme for the upcoming conference is Development and the Environment. The event will be critical in informing investors and policy makers on sustainability trends in the industry and the role agriculture can play in safeguarding the north’s environmental resources. Industry experts will deliver keynote speeches on the current environmental legislative framework, the future of agriculture, the environmental impact of farming and the rise in environmentally sustainable agriculture in the north.

The three day conference held in Darwin, Northern Territory will feature:

  • Over 50 speakers 
  • 6 Ministers from NT, WA, Qld, and federal politics
  • 250 participants with over 50% from private sector
  • Successful farmers from WA, NT and Qld as speakers
  • Indigenous and environment components

In addition to conference events, the program includes farm visits, industry-specific workshops, and an industry exhibition hall. The event will cover all agricultural sectors with a focus on new sectors that will drive development in the north such as cotton. 

The biennial NT Farmers Association Food Futures Conference is now in its 4th year and receives strong support from the governments of the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland, the National Farmers Federation, Hort Innovation, Cotton Australia and the private sector. 

 Information on Food Futures 2018, 2016 and 2014 conferences can be found via the NT Farmers website

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