Levy Distribution

Mango growers pay a compulsory levy of 1.893 cents per kilogram or 13.25 cents per 7 kilogram tray for each tray of mangoes sold domestically or internationally. Levies are collected by the Levies Revenue Service (LRS), an agency of DAFF, and are passed onto Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) to manage and invest in a range of programs. 

The spread of the levies are seen below:

LevyCents per KilogramCents per 7 Kilogram Tray
Marketing and Promotion1.007.00
Research and Development0.755.25
Plant Health Australia0.0290.2
Emergency Plant Protection Response0.1140.8

Research and development (R&D) and marketing levies are invested in projects that align with the mango Strategic Investment Plan. The Plant Health Australia (PHA) and the Emergency Plant Pest Response (EPPR) levies fund membership to PHA and the EPPR Deed. To find out more, visit Horticulture Australia and Plant Health Australia.

For more information about the levy system, please visit the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry website: www.daff.gov.au/agriculture-food/levies . To learn more about mango levies, download the Mango levies – General Information document.

Research and Development Levies

HAL manages R&D projects that align with the Strategic Investment Plan. Matched dollar-for-dollar funding is provided from Australian Government funds, up to a total of 0.5 % of annual gross value of production for horticulture. For more information on R&D projects funded by mango levies, view the Research page of this website or contact AMIA. 

Marketing levies

When funds are expended on marketing / promotion activities they are not eligible for matched funding. To learn more about mango marketing projects, visit the marketing section of this website.

Voluntary Contributions

HAL manages a range of projects resourced by funds other than statutory levies, these are called Voluntary Contributions (VCs). When expended on R&D that aligns with the Strategic Investment Plan, VCs are able to be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Australian Government. To view current VC projects, visit the Research page of this website. 

Industry Advisory Committee

Each horticulture industry that has a national levy also has an Industry Advisory Committee. The Mango Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) is appointed by HAL and meets several times per year to review, provide advice and give recommendations to HAL on the investment of levy funds.