Australian Mangoes is an iconic brand that symbolises all things Australia and Summer – Holidays at the Beach, Fun, Christmas and all the good times spent with families and friends. Mangoes are full of emotion, wrapped in ritual and tied with memories.

The marketing plan is all about protecting the status of Australian Mangoes. The strategy for driving consumer demand is built on the premise that we will consistently provide consumers with a good to great mango experience, every mango, every time.

Marketing Plan

The three year Strategic Marketing Plan is in it’s first year and the four spokes of the wheel (right) are inter-related and work together to build consumer demand.


Giving everyone in the supply chain full visibility of crop timing, volume and flow enables them to align their capacity and marketing plans with mango supply which has a positive impact on mango quality.  A forecast will be communicated on the first Monday of August and September and then weekly throughout the season following fruit set.

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Consumers have very clear expectations of their mango experience. Aligning our quality specifications to the way consumers expect their mango to look and taste is the single biggest opportunity for maximising demand.


Engaging everyone from growers to wholesalers, exporters and retailers in a single purpose, to excite and delight consumers with their mango experience, every mango, every time is critical to growing demand.


Getting Australian’s across the country aware and excited about Mangoes from the beginning to the end of the season, the consumer demand plan of PR, Social Media and Events is designed to dominate the hearts and minds of Australians throughout summer.

Consumers and consumer research

Each year, the industry undertakes consumer research to help understand how people feel about Australian mangoes. The more we know about our mango buyers, what motivates them to buy, and buy more often, the more successful our marketing will be.

These studies to understand consumer purchasing habits and drivers have been in place since 2009. Research in 2013/14 shows that:

  • Mango quality continues to be the number one influence on a person’s decision to buy, closely followed by price with ‘specials’ becoming increasing important last season
  • There are seven quality indicator and this season five of the seven were down, these were colour of the skin, colour of the flesh, flavor, sweetness and aroma
  • The relationship between quality and price is all about perceived value.  Is the mango on display worth the price being asked? If the answer is ‘no’ people will seek a better deal, actively looking for ‘specials’ wherever possible
  • Large luscious displays are important as 67% of consumers make their purchasing decision in store
  • Australian households consume 3.6kg per annum
  • 87% of our mango consumers are female followed by 74% males
  • 45% of consumers are in NSW, making it the most important state, if we get NSW turned on the rest of Australia will follow
  • 87% of purchasers say they last purchased mangoes to eat fresh on their own

Wheel of Velocity

Wheel of Velocity

Consumer Research

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