AMIA manage a range of mango research projects that are funded through the levy system. The industry is supported by a number of R&D service providers who work together to ensure effective collaboration without duplication. The Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries give a high priority to funding research, infrastructure and national coordination for the Australian mango industry. The Queensland and Western Australian Government agencies support the industry by undertaking crop research.

For more information on R&D projects funded by mango levies, please contact AMIA

Current research and development projects

  • Delivering information and technology to the mango industry (DMT stage 2)
  • Mango applied research, communication and delivery program 
  • Data collection to facilitate supply chain transparency - stage 2
  • Identifying factors that contribute to mango resin canal discolouration
  • Research and Development into Mango fruit quality
  • Mango Consumer Benchmarking Research - 2013/14 and 2014/15
  • Capacity Building, Information, Technology and Extension for the Australian mango industry 
  • Mango Industry Annual Report 2012/13
  • Mango Consultation Funding Agreement 2013-14 


Current Voluntary Contribution Projects

  • Reducing skin damage and improving postharvest efficiency of CalypsoTM mango 
  • Improving fruit quality and profitability of ‘Honey Gold’ mango
  • Systems approach to eliminate post-harvest disinfestation of Katherine mangoes for fruit fly
  • Building capacity in the NT Mango Industry using small-group extension
  • Manipulating mango flowering to extend harvest window
  • Manipulating mango flowering to extend harvest window
  • Integrating genomics into an applied mango breeding program
  • In-transit ripening and prediction of outturn quality for mango 
  • New fruit fly systems for mangoes and market access
  • Improving consumer appeal of Honey Gold mango by reducing under skin browning and red lenticel discolouration
  • New market opportunities for Australian mango growers - China and the USA