Industry provides feedback on their mango information needs

The Hort Innovation project ‘Building Best Management Practice for the Australian Mango Industry’ (MG17000) is now well underway, providing the resources and capacity building over the next three years to maintain and improve the Australian mango industry’s sustainability.

Getting consumers to grab a mango this season

The 2019/20 mango season is underway! As the weather warms up, the markets are fast becoming excited about the upcoming mango season as are consumers.

The consumer marketing activities will this season continue to educate shoppers on the fruit’s seasonality, benefits and repertoire of recipes. Ultimately, we aim to drive excitement for the season and get more people, buying more mangoes, more regularly.

Biosecurity — mango malformation disease

As part of our commitment to represent the biosecurity interests of the Australian mango industry, Australian Mangoes (AMIA) will bring you more regular information about pests and diseases to look out for on farm. We will now provide you with an article in each edition of Mango Matters.

This edition is about mango malformation disease (MMD), which is important to be on the lookout for.

Engaging at Asia Fruit Logistica a big success

From 4 September to 6 September, Australian Mangoes representatives Robert Gray and Treena Welch attended Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong. The annual event provided an excellent platform for Australian Mangoes to engage with growers, exporters, importers and retailers who will collaborate on marketing campaigns during the 2019/2020 season.

Addressing one of the key challenges of the mango industry: bringing new talent in

Identified in the Mango SIAP Strategic Investment Plan for 2017-2021 was a key challenge addressing a lack of skilled workforce and an aging industry. To solve this issue, Hort Innovation have partnered with program delivery partners Rimfire Resources and Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (ARLF) with an aim to increase graduate interest in careers across the Australian horticultural sector, including mangoes.

Why understanding climate change makes cents for the mango industry

At a recent workshop in Darwin, industry representatives heard that mango growing regions are set to warm up over the coming decades, with potentially serious impacts on mango production. Add in other changes, such as more intense rainfall events, and the news isn’t good. However, action now by growers with an eye to the future will help ensure enterprises remain sustainable.

Understanding available climate change information is critical to this forward planning.

Advances in what we know about RCD

A successful partnership between the ARC Training Centre for Innovative Horticultural Products, School of Land and Food, University of Tasmania and the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Resources is driving research to help understand the causes and control of resin canal discolouration (RCD).