Activating your industry plan

The Mango Strategic Investment Plan has been developed following widespread industry consultation and will underpin future activities undertaken by AMIA, our colleagues in State and Territory Departments and other key professional businesses. The following guide details how we can work together to activate the plan and ensure its success.

Your plan has three key objectives. In a nutshell, they are:

  1. Production and post-harvest - from orchard through to retail
  2. Demand - building demand both domestically and export
  3. Business and communication 

For each objective, the key areas we are focussed on are:

1. Production and post-harvest - from orchard through to retail

  • Finding the cause and developing management options for resin canal disorder
  • Linking quality through the supply chain – providing on ground resources to work with growers on issues impacting on quality, including fruit maturity, and providing independent feedback from the market (wholesalers and retailers) directly to growers and packers
  • Assessing the quality of mangoes in the central markets and retail, and having a network of people to address quality issues in conjunction with growers, transporters and wholesalers and retailers
  • Working with key industry production and post-harvest specialists to develop best practice guidelines, and with all sectors to minimise factors affecting quality, from the orchard through to retail
  • In transit ripening and minimising quality loss
  • Establishing rigorous crop harvest predictions and crop flow systems to enable industry to better manage the market

2. Demand - building demand both domestically and export

  • Reviewing industry quality standards, with the aim of ensuring they match consumer expectations
  • Increasing engagement through all key retailers and wholesalers to ensure alignment of industry marketing and promotions with individual business marketing and promotions 
  • Working to ensure quality meets consumer expectations by communication through the season with all sectors 
  • Building upon the success of events such as the Mess-tival to ensure maximum exposure and reach to mango consumers
  • Invigorate our social media platform to better connect consumers with great Australian mangoes and the growers who produce them
  • Working with exporters to develop and implement targeted marketing and promotion activities in key export markets
  • Building on consumer research to better understand our consumers and deliver to their expectations

3. Business and communication 

  • Improving delivery of information through Mango Matters, The Slice and our refreshed website
  • Greater interaction with all industry sectors through increased contact and interaction, from one of one meetings to regional groups. This will also include greater on-ground presence throughout the year, to ensure you are kept abreast of the latest information and have your views and ideas addressed
  • Implementation of a pilot value chain project, to examine the key pressure points in the supply chains – that is, where is value added, where is value lost and what do you need to do to minimise value loss. 
  • Providing you with access to new technology and research outcomes through improving delivery of information through multiple channels.