August Crop Forecast 2014

WELCOME to our first crop forecast for the 2014 Australian Mango Season. The forecast tool is being developed using a combination of flowering dates, heat sums & information provided by growers in the key production regions.

The forecast published on the first Monday in August and the first Monday in September will provide you with a view of the crop timing. After fruit set we will communicate the forecast on a weekly basis providing you with visibility of both crop timing and crop volume (i.e. weekly dispatch volumes).

Northern Territory

Following a strong and even flowering across the region the trees are now transitioning from flowering to fruit set. Harvest will begin in mid September and the peak volumes will be despatched from late October through November.


The majority of trees in this region are experiencing bud swell however there are small pockets of early flowering with a few orchards already on their way to full flower. Watch this space.