AMIA strengthens and restructures

The Australian Mango Industry Association has announced the introduction of a CEO role into their team, with former Board Director Robert Gray being appointed to the position.

 The decision was made by the recently elected AMIA Board at a meeting following the Annual General Meeting, held in Ayr last Thursday, 15th May 2014. During this meeting, the Board confirmed Gavin Scurr as Chairman and elected Brett Jackson as Deputy Chairman.

 The announcement was made by AMIA Chairman Gavin Scurr, who said he was delighted by Robert’s decision to accept the offer of the role. “Robert will provide the leadership and strategic direction that we believe is essential to ensure our industry reaches its full potential,” said Mr Scurr.

 “During his time as Deputy Chairman of the AMIA Board, Robert’s input into the direction of AMIA was highly valued, and we are confident that with Robert in this role, we can make significant gains for our industry,” said Mr Scurr.

 Two new Board Directors were welcomed to the AMIA Board at the AGM, Kieren Brown, replacing Marie Piccone to represent the far north Queensland / north Queensland region, and Han Shiong Siah, replacing Robert Gray to represent the Northern Territory / northern Western Australia region.

 Mr Scurr said he and the board are looking forward to working with the new directors. “Both Kieren and Han will bring considerable experience and fresh ideas to the AMIA board and we look forward to their insight.”

 “I am very thankful to outgoing board directors Marie and Robert, whose dedication and hard work has been invaluable to the Australian mango industry and brought it to where it is today,” said Mr Scurr.  

Incoming CEO Robert Gray said that he felt honored to be offered the role of CEO. “This restructure puts AMIA in a strong position to grow the Australian mango industry and bring AMIA up to the next level of service delivery,” said Mr Gray.

 Preparations for the 2014 / 2015 mango season are already underway by the new-look AMIA team, consisting of Mr Gray, AMIA Industry Development Manager Trevor Dunmall and Communications Officer Claire Gilmartin.

 Mr Brown works with Harvest Fresh Fruits, who operate some of Australia’s biggest commercial mango orchards in the Northern Territory and north Queensland. Mr Siah of Tropical Primary Products, a family-run orchard based in Darwin, is Vice President Northern Territory Mango Industry Association. He has a particular interest in the NT mango industry and the breeding and commercialisation of new mango varieties.

For more information, please contact Robert Gray, AMIA CEO, 0418 737 861, or Gavin Scurr, AMIA Chairman, 0407 714 549.