Sweet mango success the aim of NT’s Top End grower survey

Enhancing the quality of mangoes in the Northern Territory’s Top End is the goal of a survey currently being conducted amongst producers of the popular tropical fruit. Dozens of growers—as well as packers—will complete a face-to-face, thirty-minute interview that records a range of information about the practices they’re using.

The survey is supported by the Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA) and the Northern Territory Mango Industry Association (NTMIA), and facilitated by the NT Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries (DPIF).

“This survey will assist us in applying the best research and science, so we can better guarantee the quality of fruit that reaches southern markets while ensuring the best price for NT growers,” said AMIA CEO Robert Gray.

Northern Territory Mango Industry Association chairman Ross Maxwell said huge effort has gone into research in previous years. “This survey is a continuation of that work. We’re also fortunate to have some of the nation’s foremost experts and a unified team of growers and researchers working with us to improve the quality of the best mangoes in Australia.”

Innovations such as ripening rooms and temperature-controlled transport mean that the life of the fruit can be moderated and monitored, leading to better quality for the consumer and less waste for the producer.

Bob Williams, Director of DPIF’s Plant Industry Group, says the department expects effective results from the carefully-considered survey that queries how the Top End’s estimated two million trays of mangoes are produced.

“This survey applies best practice in terms of ethics and confidentiality, and our interpreters will ensure effective engagement with non-English speaking producers. We’ve also translated the survey into the Vietnamese and Khmer languages.

“Results will combine with the solid data we’ve already collected and inform industry to ensure our mangoes are consistently as good as they can be,” Mr Williams added.

The survey will be completed by early September, prior to the start of major production in late September and early October.

For more information about the survey, contact DPIF’s Plant Industries:
Warren Hunt (08) 8999 2143, warren.hunt@nt.gov.au .
Khamla Mott (08) 8999 2013, khamla.mott@nt.gov.au .