Training video: "Mango Picking - How To Do It Right"

Training your staff how to pick and handle mangoes has just become easier. The mango extension team from the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry in Mareeba have developed a training movie, entitled ‘Mango picking – how to do it right’, that employers can use to train their staff. 

Matt Weinert, Senior Development Horticulturist from QDAFF, said that the movie will make life easier for mango growers, packers and labour hire companies. 

“The movie is available online and goes for 10 minutes. Because it is free to access, it can be used as many times as people need,” he said. 

“The movie gives people an overview of all aspects of mango picking, including a range of picking methods, introduces people to damage that can occur during picking and covers workplace health and safety concerns such as mango rash,” Mr Weinert said. 

The movie was made over the last two years with significant input from growers in the Katherine, Burdekin, Mareeba and Dimbulah regions. It is a part of the Delivering Mango technology (stage 2) project.