AMIA Partnership Program—your opportunity to participate

AMIA’s Partners Program has been established for our industry partners to become more involved with the future of the Australian mango industry. Building a strong and profitable industry is our priority.

We are committed to implementing activities in line with our industry plan that aims to grow profitability. We recognise the important role that many businesses play within the industry and we have developed the partner program so these businesses can work with us to grow our industry and their businesses.

By partnering with AMIA, you will ensure AMIA has the resources to provide services that benefit you and your business. For details on our partner program and how to be involved, please contact any of AMIA’s Board Directors or staff.

Benefits of partnering with us

  • Contribute to the strategic direction, growth and success of our industry, domestically and internationally.
  • Participate and partner with Australian Mangoes for a range of biennial, annual and seasonal events and activities.
  • Receive recognition for your contribution to the growth and success of the Australian mango industry in our publications, on our website and at our events.
  • Work with Australian Mangoes to ensure new products align with industry direction.
  • Receive full access to industry data and information.
  • Contribute to strengthening links throughout the supply-chain.
  • Collaborate on industry research and development initiatives.
  • Become an active participant in AMIA programs and strategies.
  • Become a member of AMIA (Allied or Associate membership).

What we do

In recent times the Australian mango industry has advanced considerably. We’re working across a range of activities that positively impact your business and address the issues that affect you the most.

  • Our communications have been refreshed and strengthened and our publications are highly respected throughout horticulture.
  • Our weekly ebulletin, My Mango, has been exceptionally popular and is widely used as a tool for decision making.
  • The industry website has been redeveloped and will continue to be updated as the central hub for all valuable industry information.
  • Our industry Supply Development Manager provides on-farm support, crop forecasting, crop flow information and dry matter testing in orchards throughout the season.
  • Our crop and supply forecasts have been developed to provide clarity to the entire supply chain.
  • We continue to develop the mango export plan and increase the opportunities for Australian mangoes in key export markets.
  • We continue to work to gain access to new markets and improve access to existing markets.
  • We’re focused on the consumer and developing mango quality that will significantly increase mango demand and consumption.
  • We’re engaging all members of the supply chain in the industry plan to ensure we all move to the beat of the crop and maximise our opportunity for success.
  • We continue to develop the industry marketing campaign to ensure our promotion activities align with the flow of the crop and stretch across the season.