Australian Mangoes at China FVF 2015

Robert Grey, CEO of AMIA, attended the China Fruit and Vegetable Fair 2015 in Beijing in support of the continued development of the China market for Australian Mangoes.

China FVF, organised by the China Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQA) is arguably the most important fruit and vegetable fair on the annual calendar in China, and an important opportunity for horticulture industries to profile themselves to both regulators and potential customers. Robert’s attendance was supported by Michael Daysh, Market Development Officer at NT DPI&F.

The Australian stand, coordinated and managed by Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA) under the well known Australia Fresh brand, was the largest foreign exhibitor. Australian mangoes, citrus, cherries, grapes, apples & pears, almonds, summerfruit along with Tasmanian fruit growers and a wine producer were presented. Citrus and apple had fruit on hand for tasting. Other foreign suppliers with stands at FVF included Argentina, Chile, Egypt, European Union, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa and the US.

Robert made contact with a number of potential buyers, and also discussed ways to make the access protocol more commercially viable.

The FVF, over three days, also featured a workshop between Chinese and Australian horticulture organisations to present matters of mutual interest. Robert Grey noted that a number of Australian horticulture industries have long standing mutual technical exchange, research, breeding and other programs with Chinese counterparts as part of a strategy of developing mutually beneficial relationships.
There was also an opportunity to visit supermarkets in the Beijing area. The Chinese domestic mango season was winding down, but there was attractive fruit (Irwin type) to be purchased in all the stores visited.