Fenthion (Lebaycid®)— Registration and permitted use to cease on 29th October 2015

Following the finalisation of the APVMA review into fenthion, the registration of Fenthion was cancelled. Consequently, the registrations of the products including Lebaycid Insecticide Spray were also cancelled.

The current permitted use of Fenthion, for post-harvest use on mangoes ends on the 29thOctober 2015. Use of the product on mangoes after the 29th October is not permitted.
APVMA are currently finalising recommendations for the disposal of any product in existence after 29th October.

After the end of October, any remaining product containing Fenthion should be disposed of responsibly. This can be done by using ChemClear, the national industry-funded stewardship program for the safe disposal of Agvet chemicals.

National ChemClear Manager Lisa Nixon said, “Once the product is withdrawn from use, people holding Fenthion products manufactured by any of our 119 participating manufacturers will be able to register their products with ChemClear until October 2017. All eligible product will be collected free of charge. You will still be able to register after 2017, but the service will no longer be free.”

Visit www.chemclear.com.au to download a ChemClear Inventory Form and list unwanted products. Interested persons can then either register on the same site, call 1800 008 182 or email the form back to chemclear@toxfree.com.au – it’s that easy.
Ms Nixon said, “Collections periodically occur in each state and territory, and registrations must be made with ChemClear so we know where the product is located. Once you register products with the program, we will be able to keep you informed about collections in your region.”
ChemClear has collected over 500 tonnes of chemical across Australia since the start of the program in 2003.