Australian mangoes are on their way to the USA

The much anticipated first shipment of Australian mangoes sent to the USA have left our shores and are expected to arrive within days. The mangoes have been sent from mango growers who were approved by USA Government officials.

Australian mango and lychee exports to the USA was announced recently by the Federal Minister for Agriculture, the Hon. Barnaby Joyce, after extensive work by the Federal Department of Agriculture, the Australian Mango Industry Association and Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd.

AMIA CEO Robert Gray said that he was thrilled that Australian mangoes are on their way to eagerly awaiting consumers in the USA.

“The industry has put in a lot of work to ensure this shipments goes ahead and we are looking forward to hearing what our American consumers have to say about the unique flavour of Australian mangoes,” he said.

“As the market access arrangement was announced late in the mango season, the amount of mangoes we could send this season was reduced so we are using this opportunity to ensure our processes are in line with the import requirements of the USA. Next season, we hope more mango growers will get involved to export their fruit to America,” Mr Gray said.

For access to the US market, mango growers had their facilities inspected by US Government officials to ensure their facilities and processes met USA import standards.

“Expanding export markets for Australian mangoes is key to achieving our goal of doubling mango exports in three years and the access to the USA demonstrates our commitment to achieving this aim. By opening the door to the US market, we will be able to drive demand,” Mr Gray said.

The development of export markets will increase demand for Australian mangoes by giving mango lovers world-wide access to Australian mangoes, famed for their unique flavour. This allows for profitable growth and expansion of the Australian industry.