Quality project to align industry standards

Technical Manager Terry Campbell with key retailers to train the QC staff

Technical Manager Terry Campbell with key retailers to train the QC staff

A major project to revamp the industry’s quality standards got underway this year with Terry Campbell at the helm. Mr Campbell is an experienced mango quality specialist from the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (QDAFF) and is the project’s Technical Manager. The project will guide the whole industry towards understanding and meeting consumer expectations and will be a driving force towards achieving the industry’s aim of increasing grower profitability by 20%.

During the season, research was conducted that will give broader insight into our consumers as a basis to update the standards so they deliver on the visual and eating quality expectations of our consumers. The findings of this research and the new industry wide quality standards will be presented for discussion, endorsement and adoption by the whole industry at the 10th Australian Mango Conference.

According to Mr Campbell, the standards that are in place across the industry were developed in 1983, so it is high time to review them to make sure they align with what our consumers want.

“We want to produce strong standards that will be supported by the entire industry. So in the lead up to the Conference, we are calling on people from across the industry to provide their input into the current standards and tell us what they think should be included in the new standards,” he said.

“The updated quality standards will remove ambiguity and confusion, and give more clarity to help mango growers produce a mango that will meet consumer expectations. There are a lot of similarities between the current standards used across the industry and understanding how the current standards are interpreted is key to developing a common language around product quality. The current standards are not far off the mark and are a good starting point for the industry to standardise quality specifications and ensure they are recognised and understood across the industry,” Mr Campbell said.

Dr Robert Henriod from QDAFF ran taste panels of regular mango consumers who judged the eating quality of Kensington Pride and R2E2 mangoes to gain a greater understanding of the preferences and quality thresholds for mango flavour.

“These results are being analysed but early results show a good relationship between consumer satisfaction and key parameters such as dry matter, brix and the brix acid ratio. This shows the importance of getting the ripeness and maturity levels correct,” Mr Campbell said.

To make your views known, please contact AMIA. All submission will be strictly confidential.

Mango Quality Standards project (MG14504) is an ongoing project that is managed by QDAFF with the support of AMIA using mango grower levies which are matched by the Australian Government through Horticulture Innovation Australia. For more information on the please contact AMIA.