Crop Forecast – Will you contribute?

AMIA’s crop forecast gives visibility of the timing, volume and flow of the mango crop across all varieties and growing regions to the entire supply chain. We want you to help us make the 2015/16 forecast even more accurate than last season.

To assemble this forecast, the timeframe for harvest is predicted by collecting regional flowering dates. This is updated throughout fruit set, including pre and post fruit drop, and refined to reflect any movements in grower forecasts. On a weekly basis throughout harvest, growers and carton manufacturers contribute information about the volume of trays dispatched.

Boyd Arthur, AMIA Supply Development Manager said that the crop forecast was a success last season which will continue this season and greater contribution will mean even greater accuracy.

“The crop forecast allows the industry to understand supply and better plan for the highs and lows that can occur. Forecasting allows growers and marketers to estimate the start of harvest well in advance and allow better planning of harvesting logistics and marketing strategies,” he said.

AMIA’s Supply Development Manager will be on the ground to provide growers with forecasting support and dry matter testing through NIR technology prior to harvest.

Are you interested in contributing?

All growers are encouraged to communicate information via email, SMS or over the phone to provide the industry with the most accurate forecast. Information from individual growers will be combined into a regional forecast and communicated in My Mango or Mango Matters. All information collected will remain confidential.

To become involved, please provide AMIA with the following information:

  • Flower dates from the start of the season.
  • Forecast prior to fruit drop forecast
  • Forecast after fruit drop
  • Weekly tray dispatch volumes during the mango season.