Industry moves on quality standards

Maturity standards for Kensington Pride:

  • Dry Matter: 15%
  • Brix: 14%

Maturity standards for R2E2:

  • Dry Matter: 13%
  • Brix: 12%

Maturity Standards for Calypso

  • Dry Matter: 15%
  • Brix: 14%

Maturity standards for Honey Gold

  • Dry Matter: 15%
  • Brix: 14%

New recommendations for industry standards on harvest dry matter and retail brix that place a greater emphasis on delivering mangoes that match consumer expectations were announced at the 10th Australian Mango Conference.

The industry quality standards are focused on supplying mangoes to consumers that deliver on flavour. They aim to remove ambiguity and confusion over different quality specifications that are currently in the industry.

AMIA CEO Robert Gray said that the standards will ensure consumers get the best tasting mangoes and the standards are commercially achievable by growers.

“After the 2013/14 season, it was obvious that we were not delivering mangoes that met consumer’s expectations. This prompted us to initiate a project to investigate the relationship between consumer satisfaction and key parameters such as dry matter, brix and the brix acid ratio and set the standard based on this research,” he said.

The research gave a broader insight into mango consumers and a greater understanding of the preferences and quality thresholds for mango flavour.

“The results show the importance of getting the ripeness and maturity levels correct. These standards came from consumer research conducted through the 2014/15 mango season. With appropriate funding, more studies will be initiated to further this research to extend across more varieties,” he said.

Dr Robert Henriod from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries conducted taste panels of regular mango consumers who judged the eating quality of Kensington Pride and R2E2 mangoes from all major production regions.

Mango Quality Standards project was managed by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and funded by mango levies through Horticulture Innovation Australia with the support of AMIA. For more information on the please contact AMIA.