Preparing to export to the USA, China and Korea

Growers (and orchards/blocks), crop monitors, pack houses and exporters wishing to participate in export to the United States, China and Korea need to be approved by the Department of Agriculture.

This season AMIA will collect and collate applications prior to forwarding them to the Department of Agriculture Horticulture Export Program. The Department of Agriculture scheduled the release of an Industry Advice Notice (IAN) for Friday 10th July outlining the process for applying for approval.

While there will be two opportunities in the lead up to the season (based on your anticipated time of harvest) to apply for approval, there will be a very limited window of time to apply. Late applications will not be accepted.

If you have not received the Industry Advice Notice and wish to be involved in export to these markets, please contact Trevor at AMIA, on 0400 808 689 or email: .