A strong white paper for a strong A strong white paper for a strong horticulture sector

The Voice of Horticulture welcomes the Government’s release of the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper.

The Voice of Horticulture particularly welcomes new measures for the protection of Australian produce from pests and new investment to provide practical support for Australian producers to enter new markets.

The proposal to appoint five new agricultural counsellors to facilitate Australian agricultural access to foreign markets is a welcomed initiative, which responds to the sector’s input into the white paper process.

These new officers will provide practical on-the-ground assistance to Australian producers and will help maximise the benefits to producers of increased market access generated by new Free Trade Agreements.

“Australia produces the best quality produce in the world. These measures provide strong assistance to help Australian farmers to increase our share in world markets”, Tania Chapman, Chair of the Voice of Horticulture, said today.

The proposed commitment of $200 million to provide stronger biosecurity measures is also strongly welcomed.

“This measure will help protect Australian farmers from pests that could have the potential to destroy millions of dollars’ worth of produce each year”, Chapman said today.

The Government has listened to the concerns of the horticulture industry. These are strong practical measures to further enhance Australia’s world-leading horticulture industry, which are deserving of cross-party support.

The Voice of Horticulture looks forward to working with the Government on the roll-out of these measures.

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Tania Chapman, Chair, Voice of Horticulture: 0428 291 717 or chair@voiceofhorticulture.org.au