Australian mangoes in the United States market

- Michael Daysh, Market Development Officer, Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries

The 2015/16 season saw a successful expansion of Australian mangoes in to the United States market within the three year pilot program. Shipments of Calypso, HoneyGold, R2E2, Kensington Pride and Keitt were made from an increased number of growers, with the volume growing from the 5 tonnes in 2014/15 to around 60 tonnes in 2015/16 (awaiting updated data at the time of writing). Distribution in the US involved retailers in Texas, Arizona, the North East and the Pacific North West, through the two US importers nominated by AMIA.

US consumers are interested in Australia and food products from Australia, and seeing bright, well coloured mangoes from Australia caught consumers attention. The Australian mango is positioned as a more highly flavoured mango for the US consumer. The retailer displays, many built on the ‘Australian Mango’ branded boxes, stimulated purchases, often supported with retailer sampling and tasting.

While there were no compliance issues reported in the US, there were problems with the stage of ripeness and temperature control with two shipments, with the fruit being unsaleable on arrival. There were compliance issues in Australia with Mango Seed Weevil (finding >1 at inspection will knock out the inspection lot), packaging and labelling.

It is anticipated the 2016/17 US program will start in September and go through to February. AMIA will be working with DoAWR to set up US crop monitoring training and approval and US grower applications and approvals. Growers interested in exporting to the US will also need to familiarise themselves with US MRLs and take steps to ensure that blocks for the US are compliant, including risks from spay drift.