Building our Presence in Asia

- Treena Welch, Marketing Manager, Australian Mangoes

Building new markets is repetitive business. It doesn’t happen in a single season and it doesn’t happen as a result of one or two players in the supply chain. It’s the sum total of our collective behaviour year after year that will create an insatiable appetite for Australian Mangoes.

Our marketing and promotional efforts in Asia during 2015/16 focused on three markets: Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Working with growers, exporters, importers and retailers, we developed campaigns that were specifically targeted to each market and were executed during the peak sales period.

In Korea the campaign focused on driving awareness and consumer demand for Australian Mangoes over the two weeks of Christmas using a combination of public relations, social media and in store demonstrations.


A media release launched the campaign resulting in 16 publications printing articles the week before Christmas. These publications reached a wide target audience including the business, health and well being, sport, and lifestyle sectors encouraging consumers to buy and enjoy Australian Mangoes throughout the festive season.

Homeplus, the second biggest Hypermarket in Korea and the largest seller of Australian Mangoes conducted demonstrations in 15 stores across Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day supporting the activity with a price promotion. Simultaneously Korea’s high profile bloggers were targeted with gift boxes of Australian Mangoes and all the information and quirky trivia they needed to create some great content. Our efforts were rewarded with awesome blog posts by three of Koreas famous food bloggers demonstrating preparation and presentation tips, a variety of fabulous recipes and some great gift ideas.

In Hong Kong and Singapore we worked with the Dairy Farm Group implementing campaigns in both markets prior to Christmas, and accelerating the activity throughout January and the lead up to Chinese New Year. The campaigns were executed in 60 stores in both Singapore and Hong Kong and were highly visible.


The theme, “GO an Aussie Mango, In Season Now” was designed to promote Australian Mangoes as the freshest and the best. All stores received kits containing bespoke POS (point of sale) material including four consumer posters, varietal posters and bunting, and a product handling and merchandising guide for the education of the produce team.

In store demonstrations took place over two weeks in Singapore and four weeks in Hong Kong and were aimed at encouraging consumers to taste and appreciate the delicious, juicy, sweet goodness of Australian Mangoes. Demonstrators were educated on the differences between R2E2, Honey Gold™ and Calypso™ mangoes and were encouraged to sample and sell to as many consumers as possible. The demonstration program was supported by newspaper, on-line, and in store price promotions. In addition Hong Kong conducted an Australian Mangoes Sales Challenge rewarding stores across a range of criteria including Best Sales; Best Sales Improvement; and Best Display.

In the end our ability to create strong export markets is dependent on our collective commitment to delivering continuity of supply and a quality experience that consistently meets and exceeds the consumers expectation. Engaging retailers and consumers is hard work and it requires persistence, endurance, commitment and a single minded focus on the end objective - to build an insatiable appetite for Australian Mangoes.

For more information contact Treena Welch at Australian Mangoes: or 0417 001 253