Fueling the hunger for Aussie mangoes!

- Elisa King, Marketing Manager, Horticulture Innovation Australia

Public Relations activity for the 2015/16 mango season is centred around educating consumers with various mango-based recipes, bringing awareness to the industry through grower profiles and reinforcing mangoes as the fruit of summer. This year has not failed to disappoint as mangoes have featured across a variety of traditional and social media platforms with a momentum that has kept up well into the New Year.

Australia’s number one food blogger, Nagi Maehashi, aka Recipe Tin Eats, visited the Groves Grown farm in Yeppoon to gain a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the mango industry. After spending two days on the farm with the Groves family learning all there is to know about mango farming, Nagi was able to use her culinary expertise and story-telling abilities to share her tale, along with mango-based recipes, with the more than one million people world-wide who visit her blog, Facebook and Instagram pages each month.

Shot taken by blogger Nagi Maehashi on her visit to Groves Grown Farm

Shot taken by blogger Nagi Maehashi on her visit to Groves Grown Farm

Social media has become a valuable platform for Aussie Mangoes PR activity, with influencer drops playing a pivotal role in the exponential growth of the Aussie Mangoes Instagram account this season. January saw another Instagram milestone for Aussie Mangoes as it reached 2000 followers, immediately after another round of influencers received a press kit just before Australia Day to promote mangoes as the perfect treat for a hot summer’s day. The kits were very well received by the highly successful influencers, with @ Aussiemangoes tagged thirteen times to an audience of over 640,000—that’s well over half a million people!

YouTube foodies have also thrown their support behind Aussie Mangoes, with Australia’s number one YouTube foodie, Rob Nixon from Nicko’s Kitchen, posting a Mango, Passionfruit and Coconut Crunch recipe for his 1,051,315 subscribers! Meanwhile, Todd’s Kitchen and Cooking with Karma posted three recipes; Shrimp and Mango Salad, Mango Cheesecake Cups and Mango Salsa, for their combined audience of 635,952 subscribers.

Recipe posted by Cook Republic

Recipe posted by Cook Republic

The internet bloggerati is still abuzz with delicious mango recipes. Acclaimed food blogger, cookbook author and photographer, Sneh, aka Cook Republic, posted a Mango and Sour Cream Blender Pop recipe to her blog and social media in February, showing her audience that the mango season is far from over. Cook Republic has won the best Australian Blog, Best Lifestyle Blog and Top 5 Voices of Australia awards, which only highlights the calibre of social media influencers who advocate the Australian fruit.

Australian food, travel and lifestyle blogger, JJ aka 84th and 3rd, also shared a Summer Mango Salsa recipe with her blog and social media audience in February, and Ninemsn Food continues to showcase a plethora of mango-based recipes with their audience. The PR strategy to keep Aussie Mangoes front-of-mind throughout the entire season has proven its effectiveness given the continual support shown online throughout the months of January and February.

Australia’s top tier publications have continued to feature mangoes in a variety of recipes highlighting the diversity of the Australian fruit in the New Year. New Idea and Women’s Weekly both published mango popsicles while Super Food Ideas published a healthy mango salad. Taste magazine lived up to their moniker by publishing recipes for a delicious mango breakfast bowl, a mango pavlova-wreath, a mango pudding and a mango topped pavlova. With four recipes published in the one issue, it’s clear Taste have a serious crush on the Aussie mango!

It’s not just print and social media that love and promote Aussie Mangoes; Coffs Harbour’s local television network, NBN, expressed its interest in the Australian mango industry with a story featuring Korora Basin’s local mango farmers, Les and Judy Betland. The story, which aired at the prime time of 6pm, provided a great insight into the mango supply chain and the successful variety of Honey Gold mango that is being bought by the truckload by Coles and Woolworths.

It is clear that the Australian public and the media can’t get enough of the Aussie mango industry, with a hunger for knowledge surrounding the variety of ways in which mangoes can be enjoyed, and a keen thirst for understanding mango provenance and the process that sees the fruit picked from the trees, by hard-working Australian farmers, and shipped to their local store. While the PR campaign has been hugely successful this season, with phenomenal support by social and traditional media, it wouldn’t be possible without the co-operation and support from the people behind-the-scenes of the mango industry—thank you!

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