Chemical update – minor use permits

AMIA, in association with HIA and specialist Peter Dal Santo have several minor use permit applications being investigated and prepared for submission to the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

Lannate (Methomyl):
To control thrips.

Samurai (Clothianidin):
To control sucking pests and fruit fly.

To control fruit fly.

AMIA has held the minor use permit for Actara (Thiamethoxam, Permit 14286) for some time. Syngenta have been undertaking research to gain registration for the product for several years. APVMA has reviewed the outcomes of that research and as a result of that review have questioned the efficacy of Actara as a soil applied insecticide. Syngenta have advised that they cannot support permit 14286 under these circumstances and has requested that the permit be surrendered. AMIA has agreed with APVMA’s assessment and requested the permit be withdrawn.

AMIA have been speaking with Sumitomo who has been working on a soil applied insecticide (applied though irrigation) for sucking insect pests such as flattids and seed weevil. The active constituent, Clothianidin (marketed as Shield) is currently registered in a number of other crops in Australia. The research being conducted by Sumitomo has produced positive results. We are working with Sumitomo to apply for a minor use permit for Clothianidin.

With all minor use applications, further research may need to be conducted and APVMA needs to ensure that the proposed use pattern fits within the minor use criteria.