Matt Fealy recipient of 2017 Nuffield Scholarship

AMIA director, Matt Fealy has recently been awarded a 2017 Nuffield Scholarship, supported by Woolworths Australia. 

Matt was awarded the scholarship to investigate cost saving opportunities and improved farm management, with the use of robotics and emerging technologies for in-field plant health analysis, forecasting and harvesting.

Essentially Matt hopes to make in-field practices more efficient and effective to ultimately reduce costs for growers. 

“If we could measure tree health, instantaneously, regularly and reliably, we could begin to target manage horticulture, rather than rely on a broad shotgun approach.

“This would result in greater fertiliser efficiency, phenology timing and staying ahead of nutrient deficiency. Resulting in balanced trees and hopefully, greater yield and less nutrient related quality issues. If we can reduce harvest labour by even just ten to fifteen percent, in most cases, it will completely cover fertiliser costs,” he said. 

Matt Fealy, 2017 Nuffield Scholarship recipient.

Matt Fealy, 2017 Nuffield Scholarship recipient.

As part of the scholarship Matt will visit some of the world’s best farmers across all industries in the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Turkey and Qatar this year.

Over the next two years he will also attend several agriculture robotics conventions and research institutes in Germany, Spain, Japan and more. 

Matt would like thank Nuffield Australia, Woolworths Australia, and his family for supporting him in this life changing opportunity.

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