2017 mango marketing season kicks off

The 2017 mango season is underway!! As the weather warms, the markets are fast becoming excited about the upcoming mango season as are consumers.

The Darwin harvest is well underway, and Katherine has just started, with an estimated 3.8 million trays expected out of the Territory.

Some exciting news out of last year’s campaign is that the #mangoemojiplease has had some serious traction towards achieving its objective! The Emoji Subcommittee is recommending a list of 67 NEW emoji characters as draft candidates, of which the mango emoji is one.

The final list of new emojis will be decided by the Unicode Technical Committee at their meeting in the last quarter of 2017, with the approved emojis being released in June, 2018. There are limitations on the number of emoji encoded each year and it is great for the mango emoji to be considered, which highlights the success of the #mangoemojiplease.

Understanding the consumer is one of the key drivers of the mango marketing campaign and the marketing team conducted consumer research in early 2017 to ensure that any plan developed is well targeted.

Consumer research highlighted that the strategy we have adopted over the last three years has been successful. The recent research shows that the strategy employed will continue to drive the mango industry forward in terms of sales, and working with retailers, will provide consumers with the best mango experience during the season. The research shows that consumer influencers are as follows:

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 10.18.51 pm.png

Our campaign will continue to focus on the following activities:


Our PR program this year will be centred around a new hashtag—#200daysofmangoes. As there are approximately 200 days in the peak mango season, this hashtag will feature at every possible touchpoint across press office, social media and the Mess-tival event, prompting acknowledgement of the mango season and the endless possibilities that the mango brings. Every time the consumer sees a piece of content, our goal is for them to also see the hashtag, providing an instant dual-meaning key message and a trackable result.

Other parts of the PR campaign mix will include grower profiling, new recipes, media familiarisations, and use of influencers—to ensure mangoes are in the news throughout the season in local, rural and national media, as we follow the crop / harvest trail.


The Mango Auction signifies the official start of the mango season. The event was held at Brisbane Markets on 5 October and we are currently crunching the numbers to reveal what this year’s tray went for. Last year the tray of mangoes sold for $22,000!

Mango Mess-tival—our showcase event of the season. The event will have all the favourites including, grower stalls, sampling, smoothie bike, mango cheeks on the BBQ, the famous fruit carver and of course lots of music and fun with our DJ and MC.

This year, Mess-tival will take place between 8am-12pm Sunday 3 December at North Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club. Mess-tival is a great way for people to meet the growers, sample the different mango varieties, and participate in some messy mango-eating competitions, and we highly recommend growers come to Sydney with us for a day of mango fun.

Social Media

As the research above shows Social Media plays a key part in consumer’s purchasing decisions, our social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram will adopt an ‘always on’ approach. We will be bringing consumers along on the mango journey through each growing region’s harvest by sharing; grower profiles, harvest tiles, new recipes, tips and tricks, and competitions for consumers to win trays of delicious mangoes! And of course our #200daysofmango will be weaved through all content.

For more information contact Craig Perring at Hort Innovation: craig.perring@horticulture.com.au or 0404 407 262.