Focus on quality


This season industry is continuing to focus on quality. It is important that we give consumers that perfect tasting mango, from first bite, to continue to please our buyers and sell your product!

As has been outlined in many previous articles, dry matter relates to the eating quality. AMIA (with the support of contractors) will continue to offer you three key services this season: on-farm visits, calibration of F-750 Produce Quality Meters (meters) and objective reporting, to help our industry in the quest to deliver that great tasting mango, every single time!

With on-farm visits, the ideal time to test your dry matter is prior to harvest. This will assist you in your decision to pick. This season is off to a good start and we have already visited several of you on-farm in the Northern Territory. We are looking forward to seeing you in our other growing regions this season. If you would like us to visit, please contact us in advance of your harvest on the details below and we will endeavour to come and see you on our travels.

Calibration has already been conducted on meters in the Northern Territory and will also be conducted in other regions. It is good practice to have meters calibrated and validated regularly. If you missed a calibration, again please contact us on the details below.

The objective reporting system that has been underway for the past three seasons, has begun for this season. Independent assessors have the meters in each market place, to assess dry matter of random consignments. Results of this testing will be published each week in My Mango. You can read the detailed objective reporting process in the Spring 2016 edition of Mango Matters.

Objective Reporting 2017

If you would like to book a visit/know more about on-farm visits, calibration or objective reporting please contact us on (07) 3278 3755.