Keeping mangoes top of consumers’ minds

Influencer and Journalist Familiarisations

Each year, Australian Mangoes sends influencers or journalists on familiarisations (famils) to mango farms, allowing the individual to spend time with growers and learn about the industry, which they then share with their communities.

This year, Australian Mangoes have seen two famils take place. The first took place at the end of November with Anthony Huckstep, a national food and restaurant critic for delicious magazine and contributor to a host of other Australian foodie titles.

Anthony paid an overnight visit to Peter and Dianne Marks of Ballongilly Farms in Katherine, where he was guided through the production process, learnt about the industry’s innovative use of the F-750 Produce Quality Meter, that uses near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) technology, taste-tested the new ‘Parvin’ variety, and learnt about the ongoing development of the industry as Peter celebrates his 30th anniversary of mango production. This piece was published in the March edition of delicious magazine (released on 13 February), which has a readership of over half a million people. The feature story included detailed insights into the industry’s use of NIR technology and how dry matter testing has evolved over the past 30 years of Peter’s time as a mango grower.

Nagi Maehashis’ mango daiquiri.

Nagi Maehashis’ mango daiquiri.

More recently, Nagi Maehashi of Australia’s top food blog, RecipeTin Eats, flew up to Groves Grown Tropical Fruits in Rockhampton, marking her second year visiting the Groves family. The significance of famils is made clear when watching and reading Nagi’s content, which is full of admiration for the Groves family and the mango industry, indicating a genuine relationship that has seen the development of an authentic public advocate. This year, Nagi has published a beautiful blog piece with two stunning videos, documenting the harvest process and a recipe for mango daiquiris, which was accompanied by four social media posts across Facebook and Instagram. Nagi also provided added-value content that was outside scope as a further demonstration of her passion for the industry, with one extra Facebook post, two extra Instagram posts and two YouTube video shares. In total, her social media and blog content has reached a huge 562,114 subscribers across four channels, receiving 5,710 engagements (likes, comments, shares).

Influencer Kit Drops

Instagrammer NourishNaturally was a recipient of our influencer kits.

Instagrammer NourishNaturally was a recipient of our influencer kits.

Australian Mangoes also sends out gifts (influencer kits) annually to Australian health and foodie digital influencers in the hope they will demonstrate their passion for mangoes to their followers (readers and viewers). This year, we sent out gifts in October, December and January, celebrating the beginning of mango season and the launch of the mango emoji campaign, the festive season, and Australia Day, respectively. Each kit reminded influencers of the versatility of mangoes and their significance as Australia’s fruit of summer, including everything they would need to create delicious mango salad, grilled mangoes, mango popsicles, baked mango treats, and mango pavlovas.

As a result of sending out 35 kits, we’ve seen 61 Instagram posts, reaching 3,581,500 people, and receiving a huge 91,071 engagements!

Grower Profiles

Grower Derek Foley was profiled in the Bundaberg NewsMail (photo courtesy of the NewsMail).

Grower Derek Foley was profiled in the Bundaberg NewsMail (photo courtesy of the NewsMail).

A key focus of the public relations activity is grower profiling, whereby we assist in connecting mango growers around Australia with their regional media. In helping to forge these relationships, journalists are able to share news of local mango growers and their harvest activity with regional communities, extending the visibility of Australian Mangoes in mainstream and social media.

So far this season, we’ve connected 11 growers with regional media publications, resulting in 15 pieces of coverage across online, print and broadcast media, and reaching a combined 8,420,559 people. Our growers appeared in the pages of major titles such as Katherine Times, ABC Rural, Bowen Independent, Cairns Post, Townsville Bulletin, Bundaberg NewsMail, The Advocate (Western Australia) and Weekender. With harvest currently underway in Gingin and Northern NSW, we also expect more grower profiles to be published and broadcast in coming weeks.


Annual Facebook activity has been producing some fantastic results, with one month left of the 2016/17 season, total engagement has already exceeded last year’s overall results.
Contributing to this success, is our major content pillars aimed at educating the community, increasing awareness, generating engagement and driving sales. As harvest began in each region, we alerted the community to production with our ‘harvest tiles’, which have already reached 806,750 people and seen 66,117 engagements.

Similarly, our regular one-hour Mango Madness promotions have caused mango frenzies on the newsfeed during peak season. From five competitions, we’ve reached 49,291 people and received 9,081 engagements, which equates to an average of 9,858 people reached and 1,816 engagements per hour!

Finally, one of the most popular content streams is the how-to mango recipe videos, featuring some of the most popular recipes from the Australian Mangoes website. So far, we have posted six videos, with recipes for mango-filled salads, barbecues and delicious desserts, which have reached 606,263 people, been viewed 205,619 times, and have received 19,728 engagements.


Aside from our own social media channels of Facebook and Instagram, we also extended our outreach to popular YouTube foodies, home cooks and chefs, who have large communities of dedicated subscribers (viewers). This year, we have increased our efforts across YouTube, having engaged seven content creators who have posted videos for recipes such as mango muffins, chia pudding, cheesecake tarts, flan, sorbet, salads, popsicles, and ‘nice cream’. These videos have reached a subscriber base of 1,248,732 and received 13,933 engagements, and we expect more videos to be published in coming weeks.

I’ll be providing a full wrap up of this season’s consumer demand activity at this year’s conference in May, so be sure to register now to hear all about it.

For more information contact Elisa King at Hort Innovation: or (02) 8295 2332