Crop flow

As another season approaches, AMIA Supply and Communications Manager Jessica Mitchell will be in touch over the next few months to gather information on grower’s actual volume dispatched from last season and their forecast for the season ahead.

During the season our weekly SMS to growers participating in providing crop flow information will continue.

It is important that we, as an industry, strive to provide accurate and timely crop flow information. All industry stakeholders can benefit from the information in the following ways:

  • Growers—to prepare for harvest, including timing of picker/packer employment
  • Harvest contractors—for timing, so that they can have pickers/packers available
  • Transporters—to anticipate supply of trucks for shipping mangoes to market
  • Suppliers—such as carton manufacturers, to anticipate stock needed
  • Wholesalers/exporters/processors—to plan for delivery and ripening facilities
  • Retailers—to be aware of seasonal flow for planning marketing and promotional campaigns.

In particular, our ability to predict harvest timing and provide this information to our retailers provides them with the confidence to support the Australian mango industry across the entire season.

Full visibility of what is coming and when allows them to adjust their marketing and promotional plans to maximise sales potential. Without this accurate information, fluctuations in supply cannot be managed appropriately and your returns may be impacted.

The information relating to your own business remains confidential but is collated to provide information by region and variety.

To all those growers that provided this information last season, thank you for participating and we look forward to further strengthening the process this season. To growers who did not participate, please get in touch with Jessica Mitchell on 0458 803 220 or if you would like to start contributing.

An example of a crop flow table from last season (November 2016).

An example of a crop flow table from last season (November 2016).