Three years of the Australian Mangoes marketing campaign

It has been an exciting and productive three years for Australian Mangoes. Since the current marketing campaign launched in the 2014/15 season, mangoes have been kept at the top of consumers’ minds from the beginning to the end of each season through public relations (PR), events and social media.

Australian Mangoes pulled out all the stops, spreading mango joy nationally, reaching consumers through; marketing material including point of sale (POS) displays, social media including competitions, events which garnered national television coverage, and other PR activities.

The creation and execution of the marketing plan was twofold. Domestically the aim was to get more consumers into stores, enabling retailers to convert foot traffic into sales. While our approach to export markets focused on educating consumers about the unique points of difference of Australian Mangoes, with in-store education/sampling and POS displays.

The campaign managed to educate consumers, increase awareness and influence purchase behaviour. Remarkable results have been achieved allowing us to taste the sweet of success of mangoes.

Marketing Material

Our first step was to build assets by creating new delicious recipes with refreshed and engaging POS. These assets formed the basis of POS kits which were then distributed to independent retailers including IGA. In export markets, we created bespoke POS and supported this with in-store education on the taste difference of an Australian mango.

Armed with our marketing assets we then set out to promote our delicious product through social media, events and PR.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 1.21.29 pm.png

Social Media

Social media is a key part of the marketing plan. Today Facebook and Instagram user numbers (in Australia) are more than 16 million and 7.7 million respectively, with users spending on average 12.5 hours per week on these social media platforms. This makes social media a very important promotional platform in getting the mango message to hungry consumers.

Across Facebook and Instagram, we now have almost 60,000 fans which is a 137% increase from 2013. However, it is no longer about fans, it is about how many consumers you reach and how they engage with our content. From 2013 to now we have seen an astounding increase in engagement of 1,233%!


Two key events herald the beginning and peak of mango season. The annual Mango Auction and Mango Mess-tival celebrates mangoes and reinforces our key messages to the people at these events, which is also extended nationally through extensive media coverage.

The official launch of mango season—the Mango Auction—is always a hit. Achieving fantastic media coverage this event lets consumers know mango season has started.

Each year Mango Mess-tival at Sydney’s Bondi Beach gets bigger and better—last season we celebrated five years! Mango Mess-tival started off low key—but now it is a fully branded Australian Mangoes celebration—with a fun filled day full of mango activities and plentiful media coverage! Since 2013 we’ve increased the pieces of coverage by 215% and the consumers we’ve reached by 258%.

Other Public Relations Activity

The media landscape is more fragmented than ever, however through building great relationships with the media and influencers, we have managed to achieve an exponential amount of coverage for mangoes.

Since 2013 we have had a 536% increase in the pieces of coverage and an amazing 1,678% increase in the number of consumers we have reached. This is all due to our passionate and dedicated press office and the sharing of the mango story.

We’ve done this through Influencer Media Kits, Influencer Outreach, Media Familiarisations, Grower Profiles, YouTube Videos and the Mango Emoji Campaign.

Looking ahead

What’s next you’re asking? We are busy planning the next three years for mangoes and we promise you won’t be disappointed, so stay tuned and let the mango madness continue.

For more information contact Elisa King at Hort Innovation: or (02) 8295 2332.