Small Tree High Productivity Initiative Field Walk

Mango growers, agronomists and researchers were treated to a spectacular view of the latest innovations in mango orchard design at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) Walkamin Research Facility on the 23 November. Approximately 45 mango industry stakeholders attended the morning event.

Stef De Faveri, DAF.

Stef De Faveri, DAF.

The Small Tree High Productivity Initiative aims to increase tree productivity by identifying fundamental plant growth relationships and how future orchards may be managed to give higher productivity. The two large trials; the Planting Systems Trial and the Mango Rootstock Trial were only three weeks away from harvest and were laden with fruit, demonstrating the potential of the different treatments.

Presentations were given by DAF project staff Dr Ian Bally, Dr Paula Ibell, Dr Mahmud Kare and Mr Peter Rigden. Growers were also invited to provide their views on the management (positives and negatives) of adopting high density plantings over conventional wide-spaced designs.

For more information please contact Geoff Dickinson at DAF; or 0407 177 237.

The Small Tree High Productivity Initiative is an initiative of the Queensland Government. Partners include the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), DAF’s research alliance with The University of Queensland (Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation), and the NSW Department of Primary Industries. Key funding for this project has been provided by the Australian Government using the across-horticulture levy and by voluntary contributions from DAF, within the Hort Innovation project “Transforming tropical/subtropical tree crop productivity.”