On your marks, get set….

Treena Welch

As we finish the season ‘warm up’ and move to the starting line of the 2018 Mango Marathon the anticipation and excitement is palpable! Retailers and consumers across the country are hungry for mangoes, and never has the industry been more perfectly poised to delight their appetite.

Over the last four years, as volumes have ramped up, retailers have launched extraordinary campaigns giving mangoes front and centre stage with the full support of their marketing arsenal. These highly visible campaigns, coupled with our ability to provide an accurate forecast and a consistently good eating experience, have fuelled Australia’s appetite for mangoes and kept consumers coming back again and again without devaluing price.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 8.50.03 am.png

During the past couple of months, roadshows, workshops and planning meetings have been conducted in growing regions, retail head offices and at Asia Fruit Logistica; aligning stakeholders to the industry plan; ‘the wheel of velocity and momentum’ and reminding us that our individual success is reliant on our unified collaboration. We are brothers in arms and moving as one to the beat of the crop underpins our individual success.

At the beginning of any great race there is always a sense of nervous anticipation and so it is with the beginning of a mango season. As you come to the starting line prepare yourself to stay the course and go the distance. Your forecast makes a difference and your Dry Matter really does matter. 

ENJOY your race!