Grower Market Tour

The Australian Mango Industry will be hosting the 2018 Grower Market Tour in Sydney from November 30th to December 3rd.

This event is a highlight in every mango season and growers from across the country, from all regions and all varieties are encouraged to attend. 

The tour, now in its fifth year will provide growers with a deep understanding of the industry marketing plan and just what it takes to create an insatiable appetite for Australian Mangoes.

The three day event will cover all aspects of the supply chain and promises to be full of learnings and rich with insights, as well as providing some great networking opportunities. 

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The tour will give you the opportunity to see & hear things you wouldn’t normally be exposed to; to go behind doors you wouldn’t ordinarily walk through; and to share in conversations you wouldn’t otherwise have. It promises to give you a much greater understanding of just what it takes to market a great mango experience. 

You’ll visit the Sydney markets, and meet with wholesalers and exporters, be guided through the distribution centres of major retailers, ‘shop’ for mangoes across the full range of retail formats including Aldi, Coles, Costco, Green Grocers, Harris Farm Markets, IGA, and Woolworths, and experience all the energy and excitement of the Mango Mess-tival. 

Now in its seventh year, Mess-tival is the industry’s signature event, held on the first Sunday in summer on Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach. The day is an upbeat festival of all things mango, a fun-filled event where growers get to share their passion and tell their stories whilst introducing consumers to the taste of their own grown varieties. 

You’ll be amazed as thousands of Aussies flock to Bondi with togs and towels, eager to have their first ‘official’ taste of summer, your deliciously sweet & juicy Aussie Mangoes. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity. 

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Call Treena Welch, Australian Mangoes Marketing Manager, on: 0417 001 253