WA visit

In January, Samantha and Treena visited Western Australia to participate in the West Midlands Group Mango Industry Summit (in conjunction with the Southern Mango Growers Group (SMANGO)) and visit growers and their families on farms across the Carnarvon and Gingin regions.

Carnarvon growers were part way through their harvest and the visits provided an excellent opportunity to reinforce the industry strategy and remind growers of our collective commitment to delivering consumers a great mango experience, every mango, every time.

At the Mango Industry Summit AMIA had the opportunity to present the results of our journey so far, the Australian Mango Strategic Investment Plan, and the Wheel of Velocity and Momentum (the Australian Mango Industry Marketing Plan). Growers enthusiastically embraced the plan and were very clear about the role they play and the importance of forecasting and picking and packing to the Australian Mango Industry Quality Standards. Considerable time was spent on presenting and discussing the ‘decision to pick’ and the industry standards for dry matter.

We wish to send a big thanks to all the growers who hosted our farm visits, your hospitality and generosity was greatly appreciated. A special thank you to Carolina Brander from West Midlands Group and the SMANGO growers for organising the meeting. The content and professionalism of the presentations coupled with the grower engagement was outstanding.

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