GS1 DataBar PLU Labels for Mangoes

Implementation of Mango PLU labels to incorporate GS1 DataBar for loose product traceability and scannability.

This coming season, in line with other loose produce categories, major retailers including Woolworths, Coles and Metcash (IGA) are asking their Australian mango suppliers to collaborate on the implementation of a more defined PLU label incorporating DataBars.

Retailers appreciate that it may not be possible to move to the new DataBar PLU Labels at the start of the season due to current stock on hand and are asking for suppliers to collaborate when purchasing new labels.

GS1 DataBar is a barcode which enables loose fresh produce to be identified, and quickly and accurately scanned at the Point-Of-Sale (POS) in a retail environment. 

DataBar has benefits for both suppliers and retailers. The main benefit for all stakeholders is fast and accurate traceability of product back to the Packhouse. This means that issues can be contained as fast as possible and non-implicated Packhouses can continue their business with minimal interruption. 

For retailers, faster checkout means shorter queues and happier and more productive customers and staff. Improved accuracy means less mis-identification and hence more reliable data. That data improves category management, inventory management and quality management.

An Australian and New Zealand Industry agreement resulted in the barcode number (GTIN or Global Trade Item Number) to be allocated and maintained by the Packhouse. Each mango Packhouse will need to register their own GTIN for each variety. Once each GTIN is registered, the appropriate GS1 verification report should be forwarded to your trading partners. 

For all information on DataBars please contact Melanie Wishart at GS1 on

The items that retailers are asking to have incorporated into the new labels are as follows: -

  • Product description (not abbreviated e.g. Kensington Pride).
  • Packhouse specific GTIN DataBar.
  • Name of Packhouse (not abbreviated).
  • Industry Standard PLU number (for wider market application).
  • Country of Origin e.g. AUS (if possible) and not required if you are using the Australian Mangoes Logo.
Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 3.10.38 pm.png

In addition, retailers are asking their suppliers to transition to industry colour coded PLU labels. See below example of label layout and specific PMS colours for each variety.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 3.10.59 pm.png

The Australian Mangoes artwork is available if you choose to use it, please contact Treena Welch for more details, or phone +61 417 001 253. 

The use of the mango industry logo is not mandatory and you may continue to use your existing Packhouse branding on the label artwork.