It’s a wrap! 2017/18 Season Review

The 2017-2018 season has ended with the largest production in the history of the Australian Mangoes Industry. 12 million trays (7kg equivalent) were sent to market representing a 25% increase in volume over the previous season. Retail prices decreased, but only by 10% leading to a 22% YOY growth in retail value. An excellent result for the industry.

Over the past four years our united efforts to meet and exceed consumer expectations under the guidance of our marketing plan, the “wheel of velocity and momentum” has really gained traction. 

Look how far we’ve come from 2013 to 2017

  • Export volume grew by 50% and value grew by 48%

  • Domestic volume grew by 60.6%

  • Domestic average price grew by 6.4%

  • Growth in the domestic volume and price resulted in a value growth of 71% versus the total fruit category growth of 28% over the same period of time

  • We’ve seen incredible growth in loyal customers with ‘wedded’ buyers accounting for 22% of all mango buying households in 2017 versus 11% in 2013

  • Wedded buyers purchased 58% of all the mangoes sold in the 2017 season; purchased on average 11.3 times; and paid a higher average price for the mangoes they purchased than any other segment

  • We’ve attracted an additional 1.2 Million new households to the mango category

  • Of these new households 737,637 have become ‘wedded’ buyers

  • The segment of ‘wedded’ buyers achieved the highest increase in buyers from 2013 to 2017 with an increase of 152%

  • Mango catalogue and newspaper advertisements went from a total of 73 during the 2013 season to an extraordinary 282 in the 2017 season – an increase of 286%

The foundation for these outstanding results has been our collective ability to engage in the “wheel of velocity and momentum”, providing a weekly forecast that enables capacity planning and good decision making, along with widespread adoption of the Australian Mango Industry Quality Standards for visual and maturity standards by growers and retailers in both domestic and export markets.

Congratulations to each of you - the committed individuals, amazing teams, and great businesses of our industry- collectively; you have contributed greatly to the success of the past four years. Harvest of the 2018 crop is fast approaching and we look forward to engaging with each of you as we work together to create an exciting and successful season for all.

For more information contact Treena Welch at AMIA:, or 0417 001 253.

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