Manbulloo Mangoes tests blockchain technology on its Burdekin mango farm

Work on a new pilot project promising to enhance quality monitoring of northern Australian mangoes and reduce food waste kicked off in the Burdekin this month. CRCNA-backed startup, Trust Provenance, implemented the solution at Manbulloo’s Horseshoe Lagoon property, with the trial now monitoring mangoes as they are boxed, stacked in pallets and loaded onto trucks ready to be sent to market.

The $755,000 project was awarded $272,700 in funding from the Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA) as part of its open funding call in October 2017. Since then, Trust Provenance has been honing its platform, and waiting for the mango harvest to hit full stride at the North Queensland property.

Using a network of sensors attached to fruit trays and pallets, the trial is tracking tens of thousands of mangoes on their journey from the farm to the retailer. The sensors will time stamp the fruit as it’s boxed, then provide real-time data feedback on temperature and humidity. The trial is set to help all parties along the supply chain better understand how various factors influence the quality of the fruit that ends up on consumer’s plates, while providing retailers with more information to help them reduce fruit spoilage and waste.

The platform is providing valuable insights to growers, packers, logistics providers and retailers as it incorporates internet of things (IoT) technology for measurement and monitoring capabilities, and blockchain technology to ensure food safety, food quality, food traceability and food authenticity.

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