Consumers, influencers and media enjoy their last chances to slice, dice and demolish this season

As the 2018/19 season draws to an end, we reflect on a very successful year with a huge buzz from the general public, media and influencers alike. We’ve received a total of 256 hits with media, reaching almost 14 million Aussies. 


Mangoes featured on TV screens across Australia, from the WIN Network interviewing Raimond Bin on his farm, Studio 10 showcasing the mango budgy smugglers, a celebrity chef cooking up his Christmas mango recipes on The Today Show and friend of Aussie Mangoes, @schoollunchbox demonstrating his mango creations on Sunrise. It was difficult to miss the hype of mangoes this season!

In print, mangoes had page-long features across Better Homes and Gardens, Delicious, Super Food Ideas, Taste Magazine, Australian Women’s Weekly, and Woman’s Day, all urging readers to get creative with Aussie mangoes over Christmas time, and throughout the summer.

The web felt the buzz of mango season, too, with recipe and season coverage from, Best Recipes, 9Kitchen, body + soul, and to name a few!

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Influencer Kits

Throughout the season we sent 20 lucky influencers fresh trays of mangoes, who collectively posted about Aussie Mangoes over 280 times. Nourish Naturally was the most prominent influencer, who shared countless favourite moments with the king of fruit with her 159,000 followers. Tess Begg also shared her love for mangoes to her 280,000 followers, as well as The Sunkissed Kitchen with her 174,000 fans. Collectively, the influencers used this season had a huge following of over 1.8 million.

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We focused on making sure the king of fruit was across Australians’ screens nationwide with our digital campaign. On Facebook, we reached almost 3 million individuals, and received over 82,000 engagements on the Aussie Mangoes page. On Instagram, we received 17,500 engagements. We post beautiful mango content on and Instagram at @ aussiemangoes. Join our conversation!

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Aussie Mangoes kicked off the first weekend of summer with the epic celebration that is Mess-tival and the much anticipated exclusive launch of the Aussie Mangoes and Budgy Smuggler collaboration! We had a fantastic weekend celebrating our dedicated growers, and showcasing four main mango varieties—these were sampled a record-breaking 9,250 times, contributing to making the day a huge success. To encourage Australians to join in on the fun, we saw 30 pieces of pre-event coverage, from publications such as, and body + soul. Moreover, Bondi Radio promoted the event over the waves to the local area, driving even more footfall down to the event. To capture all of the fun on the day, The Today Show streamed six segments live to Australian televisions.

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Mango Emoji Launch

Australian Mangoes felt extra fruity this mango season with the arrival of the much-anticipated emoji! The long-awaited mango emoji is now available across all iOS and Android devices. The launch provided a digital way for Australia to demonstrate their love of mangoes, and it was covered by media and our influencers alike. Everyone was living, breathing and typing mangoes this season!

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For more information contact Tate Connolly at Hort Innovation:, or (02) 8295 2397.