Tropical fruit processing workshop

AMIA and Griffith University hosted the ACIAR Agribusiness research and development opportunities for tropical fruit processing workshop on 19 and 20 February 2019 at the Griffith University South Bank campus, Brisbane.

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Participants came from Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia, representing industry associations, government bodies, private industry, growers and researchers. The breadth of knowledge, the entrepreneurial stories and workshop engagement was remarkable over the two days. The workshop aims were to recognise trends and key issues affecting tropical fruit processing, identify new processes and products, and determine priorities and next steps for future research and development projects. 

Results from the broader ACIAR Mango Agribusiness research program will be presented at the 12th Biennial Australian Mangoes Conference.

For further information about the workshop please contact:

AMIA: Samantha Frolov,

Griffith University:
Prof. Robin E Roberts,