Export Registrations Now Open

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Export registrations for international protocol markets are now open.

This year, we have switched to an online registration process.

Once you have received your login, it will remain the same for subsequent years but completing the online registration each year will still be necessary.

Click here to download a flow chart to guide you through the export registration process.
To access the online registration website, please forward your name, trading name, preferred email address and previous US export registration number (if applicable) to our Industry Development Manager at idm@mangoes.net.au

A no-reply email will be sent to you with a temporary password so that you can login and set up your account. If after 24 hours, you have not received the no-reply email, please check your Junk folder.

Sign into the export application website here.

A step-by-step guide for the online export application process is available here

The due dates for the registration process are shown below. Please note that for export to Japan, the orchard doesn’t need to be registered (only the pack house and treatment facility). 

Treatment facilities (irradiation and VHT) must register by 28 June 2019 and this season are required to complete a registration form available via this link.

To access relevant workplans and protocols for any of the above countries, please register for DAWR’s MICoR website via this link.
Certain protocol markets are required to have a qualified Crop Monitor. To complete the compulsory Crop Monitor online course, please follow this link, register and complete the online training. The crop monitoring forms can be found on the Tocal College online registration website as well as in the MICoR work plans.
Completion of Crop Monitor online training due 31 September 2019. 
For any other enquiries, please contact one of the Australian Mangoes team members: 

Nationally idm@mangoes.net.au
NT/WA regions sarah@mangoes.net.au
QLD/NNSW regions Marine@mangoes.net.au