Presentations from the 12th Biennial Australian Mangoes Conference

Please find below some* of the presentations from the 12th Biennial Australian Mangoes Conference.

Please contact the following presenters if you would like specific information, in relation to their presentation:

*If a presentation is missing it is because some presentations contain sensitive information and therefore we are not able to upload them to the website or share them.

  1. Export case study—Manbulloo - Marine Piccone (Manbulloo)

  2. Technical market access for horticulture products: what’s involved? - David Ironside (DAWR)

  3. Horticulture market access prioritisation (TAP)… - Jenny Van de Meeberg (Hort Innovation)

  4. Insights from monitoring the cold chain - Dr Peter Hofman (QDAF)

  5. Treatment facility, Irradiation, VHT - Ben Reilly (Steritech)

  6. Remote sensing applications for agriculture… - Professor Andrew Robson (UNE)

  7. Harvest timing, load estimation and auto-harvest - Professor Kerry Walsh (CQU)

  8. Compac grading technologies (Video 1) - Grant Konias (Compac)

  9. Compac grading technologies (Video 2) - Grant Konias (Compac)

  10. Compac grading technologies (Video 3) - Grant Konias (Compac)

  11. Delivering quality product—managing supply chain temperatures - Dr Peter Hofman (QDAF)

  12. Advances in technology to improve harvest and ripening practices - Scott Trimble (Felix)

  13. Supply chain tracking technology - Nicola Sanderson (Escavox)

  14. Advances in mango production in the NT - Dr Cameron McConchie (NTDPIR)

  15. Processing case study—Bumbaks - Jo Buzzard (Bumbak & Sons)

  16. ACIAR Mango Agribusiness Program Overview - Robin Roberts (Griffith University)
    Note—Griffith have advised that they have some hard copies of this booklet available if anyone would like a copy. To request a copy, please email Sarah Neil:

  17. ACIAR Mango Quality Project - Yiru Chen (QDAF)

  18. ACIAR Mango Biosecurity Project - Peter Johnson (Griffith University)

  19. ACIAR ECR Mango QR Code Study - Colin Leung (presented by Geoff Dickinson (QDAF) at conference)

  20. ACIAR fruit fly project - Stef De Faveri (QDAF)

  21. What features would you need on an autoharvester? (Video 1) - Professor Kerry Walsh

  22. What features would you need on an autoharvester? (Video 2) - Professor Kerry Walsh

  23. Grower trials and adoption of high-density mango systems - Dr Geoff Dickinson and Ebony Faichney (QDAF)

  24. Tree size, vigour control and rootstocks and scion cultivars - Dr Ian Bally (QDAF)

  25. Tree architecture and productivity of high-density production - Paula Ibell (QDAF)

  26. Light in mango canopies - Mahmud Kare (QDAF)

  27. Quality management in supply chains—disinfestation updates - Maddison Clonan (NTDPIR)

  28. Optimising nutrition—understanding nitrogen in mango - Dallas Anson (NTDPIR)

  29. Mango varieties for future climates - Dr Cameron McConchie (NTDPIR)

  30. Registration process for new chemicals… - Shaun Hood (Syngenta)

  31. Biosecurity incursions in the Top End… - Greg Owens (NT Farmers)

  32. Biosecurity threats and collaborative industry surveillance plan - James Walker (PHA)

  33. Surveillance activity demonstration Part 1 - Samantha Frolov (Australian Mangoes)

  34. Surveillance activity demonstration Part 2 - Samantha Frolov (Australian Mangoes)

  35. Field management of fruit flies - Stef De Faveri (QDAF)

  36. Stingless bees, flies and mango pollination… - Dr James Makinson and Ms Sunayana Sajith (WSU)