#LovinSummer #LovinMangoes

The Mango Marketing team have planned the hottest social media campaign #LovinSummer #LovinMangoes. The objective is to stay at the top of consumers’ minds and create demand from the beginning until  the end of the mango season.

The Aussie Mangoes Facebook page has over 43,000 ‘likes’, during the mango season we will engage with this community through exciting and memorable promotions and posts. Make sure you’ve ‘liked’ the Aussie Mangoes Facebook page so you don’t miss a thing. 

In addition to Facebook, Aussie Mangoes are now on Instagram. Get involved by snapping pictures of your memorable mango moments and hashtag #LovinSummer#LovinMangoes.

This season there will be 3 big promotions:

Where did the Mango? 

We will be helping families create new mango memories this summer by holding a weekly treasure hunt throughout October and November in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Clues will be posted on the Aussie Mangoes Facebook and Instagram and the lucky winner will receive a box of fresh Australian mangoes and a family prize pack. 


The 3rd annual Mess-tival will be held on Sunday 7th December at Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach. The social media team will be capturing people’s experiences by taking a Polaroid picture which will be given to them as a memento.  People who then post their Polaroid picture to Facebook and Instagram using our hashtag #LovinSummer #LovinMangoes  will win a free mango.

Please come down and experience Mess-tival for yourself. If you can’t get to Bondi, you can still get involved. Keep your eye on Facebook and Instagram throughout the day to see the Mango Marketing team amplifying Mess-tival nationally. 

Lovin’ Summer 30 Day Photo Challenge 

Starting in the New Year people will be encouraged to take part in a 30 day photo challenge. We’ll provide inspiration or themes through our Facebook and Instagram and people can capture and share their interpretation of each word.  

A photo of the week will be selected and shared on the Aussie Mangoes Facebook and Instagram and the winner will receive a prize.

Aussie Mangoes social media will be ‘always on’ from the beginning to the end of the season.
Each week look out for: