Industry provides feedback on their mango information needs

The Hort Innovation project ‘Building Best Management Practice for the Australian Mango Industry’ (MG17000) is now well underway, providing the resources and capacity building over the next three years to maintain and improve the Australian mango industry’s sustainability.

Ebony presenting at Bowen pre-season roadshow 2019.jpg

Ebony Faichney (DAF) discussing the project to mango growers and industry stakeholders at the 2019 Bowen pre-season roadshow.

The project led by Australian Mangoes has partnerships with the Queensland, Northern Territory and West Australian state agriculture departments, Central Queensland University and NT Farmers.

A key output from the project will be the delivery of improved best practice resources for key production and post-harvest activities that will assist stakeholders to lift the profitability and sustainability of their businesses. These resources will become progressively available through a revision of the Australian Mangoes website ( Project direction is facilitated by a Best Practice Resource Management Team; the three areas that this team identified are; orchard management, decision to pick and supply chain temperature management.

Australian Mangoes and their partners will be conducting a best practice survey of 40 growers in Queensland and the Northern Territory over the remainder of 2019. This survey will collect information about how growers learn, source information and what growers are currently doing when it comes to the three priority areas.

In the meantime, mango industry stakeholders have also had an opportunity to provide feedback on their future mango information needs at the Australian Mangoes 2019 pre-season roadshows in Bowen, Ayr and Mareeba. A similar exercise is planned for the two central Queensland roadshows later this year. Stay tuned for activities planned in other regions.

The roadshow survey was designed and implemented by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) to identify the information needs of individual mango stakeholders across 15 key orchard management and harvest practices. The audience was asked “What is your information need?” for each of the 15 practices. The possible responses were (3) high need, (2) some need and (1) no need. Each individual at the roadshows were given a keypad survey remote, which enabled them to respond in real time, anonymously, with the results for each question presented graphically during the session. A total of 91 stakeholders participated in the survey from across the three roadshows (Bowen 27, Ayr 22, Mareeba 42).

The stakeholder representation was 46 growers, 21 commercial businesses, and 24 support organisations. The results from the survey are presented in Table 1.

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 5.09.23 pm.png

The information from this survey along with the best practice survey will assist the Best Practice Resource Management Team in preparing and delivering information resources to build and improve best management practices for greater sustainability and profitability of the Australian mango industry.

For more information about the project contact Australian Mangoes Industry Development Officers; Marine Empson or Sarah Hain

For more information about the pre-season roadshow contact DAF Development Horticulturists; Geoff Dickinson or Ebony Faichney