Getting consumers to grab a mango this season

The 2019/20 mango season is underway! As the weather warms up, the markets are fast becoming excited about the upcoming mango season as are consumers.

The consumer marketing activities will this season continue to educate shoppers on the fruit’s seasonality, benefits and repertoire of recipes. Ultimately, we aim to drive excitement for the season and get more people, buying more mangoes, more regularly.

Aussie Mangoes get messy at Bondi

The sixth annual Mango Mess-tival (Mess-tival) event was successfully held over the first weekend of summer on 3 December 2017. Funded by Hort Innovation using mango industry levies, Mess-tival gives the public an opportunity to converse with growers—putting a friendly face behind the mangoes they will eat over the summer. It also celebrates summer at the peak of mango season on Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach.