Mango Matters

Check fruit for red banded caterpillar

Red banded mango caterpillar (RBMC; Deanolis sublimbalis) is considered a serious threat to Australia’s mango industry. Though, RBMC has not reached any commercial mango plantations in Australia and poses no immediate threat to the mango industry, the pest has caused commercial losses in the order of 10-15% in tropical parts of Asia. It has also been detected at several locations near the northern tip of Cape York Peninsula. 

Building Australian mangoes export

Building new markets takes time and tenacity. It does not happen in a single season and it does not happen as a result of individual performance. Our ability to create a strong demand for Australian mangoes in new and emerging markets is dependent on our brand reputation. Together we are working, year on year, to create an excellent reputation for Australian mangoes. A reputation for producing quality mangoes that consistently look and taste superior to any other mango on offer.  

Selling Australian mangoes to China directly through e-commerce

China had more than 700 million Internet users in 2017 and has emerged as the world leader in e-commerce (Marinova 2017). Increasingly, Chinese consumers are shopping online for fresh fruits and vegetables because they don’t have to pay for storage and handling costs associated with traditional retail channels. This trend could point to a potential market for Australian mangoes. 

Making good decisions from your cold chain temperature data

Maintaining an effective cold chain by monitoring temperature is the most important thing you can do to ensure the best quality product when it arrives in market. In the past, temperature loggers had to be retrieved to access the data, but a new generation of loggers can give you real-time information about the temperature and location of your consignment without relying on someone to retrieve the logger and send data to you.