Monitoring triggers practice change

Over the last two seasons, the Serviced Supply Chains project has worked with a significant mango exporter to monitor several mango export consignments to China and South Korea. The consignments included one sea and seven air shipments in 2016-17, and three sea and nine air shipments in 2017-18. New monitoring technologies such as RFID-based Xsense (BT9 Ltd) and SIM-based SmartTraxx (Emerson) temperature loggers were used.

Temperature management risks during sea-freight export of mangoes to Asia

Monitoring of commercial mango export supply chains over the past two seasons has identified a number of instances of poor temperature management that can impact on the fruit quality upon arrival in Asian countries. Poor temperature management can occur at most steps in the supply chain, from farm to retailer, as summarised in the following table.

Monitoring Australian mangoes through to retail in the United States—a case study trialling new digital tracking technology

Australian mangoes in the United States (U.S.) are positioned as a premium, high flavour mango. With the long distance involved from, for example, a packing shed in the Northern Territory (NT) to a retailer in Texas (TX), there are risks of either delays or the fruit being subjected to incorrect temperatures in the supply chain. Any delays and incorrect temperatures could impact on the premium quality necessary in this competitive market.