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This page has been created to keep industry stakeholders updated on the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. We will be keeping it regularly updated. You can also read our weekly newsletter My Mango for relevant information.

Covid-19 Grower Guide

Australian Mangoes together with our best practice resource (BPR) partners, as part of the project Building Best Management Practice Capacity for the Australian Mango Industry—MG1700, have developed a COVID-19 Guide* and hosted webinars for NT growers (recording available here) and QLD growers (recording available here).

Download the COVID-19 Grower Guide

If you have any feedback or suggestions, we welcome hearing from you; please get in touch with our Communication Manager, Jessica Mitchell (

The COVID-19 Grower Guide is also available in Vietnamese here.

*Note – the COVID-19 Guide was last updated in 2020 and will be reviewed again shortly.

Australian Mangoes work plan

The Australian Mangoes team have largely worked remotely (from home) during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are well set up to work remotely and this has not caused any significant disruptions to our work schedule.

When we work in office, on-farm and conduct activities and events, staff will continue to practice social distancing and maintaining good hygiene. Anyone showing signs of being unwell will not return to working in a face-to-face capacity until they have received medical clearance. Our team will continue to monitor and enact all procedures as recommended by the Federal and State Governments in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, including travel restrictions and quarantine periods. We also have contingencies in place to ensure we can continue delivering services to our industry stakeholders and will provide updates on specific project deliverables as necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. If you need to contact us, please call us on our mobile or send us an email, rather than calling the office line. All of our contact details are listed here.

Border Closures/Restrictions

Click here to stay up to date with the most recent media statements from National Cabinet.

Different states and territories have their own plans in place that complement the national plan.

Border controls remain in place for most states and territories, different regulations apply depending on where you are. We recommend visiting your state/territory government website for further information (details below).

Please see the links below for state specific information:

  • NT­–click here. Anyone travelling to the NT should read this information carefully, prior to entering. There are also groups of people that have exemptions to Mandatory Supervised Quarantine due to national agreements. These include:
    • transport or freight or goods and related logistics into, within or out of the Territory
    • agricultural industry workers

There are very limited exemptions given to mandatory supervised quarantine. Some examples where applications may be considered including on farm quarantine, under a COVID-19 Management Plan.

All the details are available here.

Business arrangements

Import and Export

The International Freight Assistance Mechanism funding will run until September 2021 at this stage. Click here for further details.


See below for an important announcement from the Federal Government and resources available to access labour or advertise vacancies.


  • The Australian Government announced on 16 June 2021 that a new agriculture visa will be available soon. Click here to read the announcement, more details will be communicated once announced.
  • For information about The Seasonal Worker Program/Pacific Labour Mobility Scheme click here.  
  • For information on The National Harvest Labour Information Service (NHLIS) click here.
  • AgMove is is an Australian Government initiative that helps with costs for eligible people who relocate to take up short term agricultural work, including harvest work in Australia. Eligible workers can get up to $6,000. Click here for more details.

State specific

There are also the following resources available at a state level.

  • QLD – The Queensland Government has launched the #pickqld bonus with payments of up to $1,500 available to agricultural workers; for full details click here.


The following resources are available for you to download, print and put up in your pack shed (also see below under food safety heading):

Succession planning

BDO, in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, ran a series of webinars last year to assist businesses with minimising the impact of COVID-19. To view recordings of past webinars click here.

Workplace health and safety

For Workplace Health and Safety information: Click here or read these FAQs. Workplace Health and Safety Queensland have released a guide for the horticultural industry which is available here.
Safe Work Australia also has some great information on keeping workers safe.
For information/resources on mental health support please visit Queensland Health’s website or click here to find a mental health service. WA have also launched a website with some great resources. NT also have a dedicated website too.

Food safety

  • Advice from FSANZ (Food Safety Australia New Zealand) is that the virus is unlikely to be transmitted by food. The latest information on the website can be found here.
  • Fresh Produce Safety Centre last year shared some great food safety information; including a series of videos that have been produced in multiple languages on handwashing.
  • Safe Food Queensland have also developed this guide which provides guidelines for reducing workforce impacts for farmers and producers.

Funding/support available/state information


Click here to view the current support measures in place by The Australian Government, there is also more information available here. The ATO also have useful information for employees/employers on support available here.


There is other information and support available through local State Governments. Resources for our main growing regions are below, but check your local State Government websites for further information if you are outside of these locations.

For the latest information from the Northern Territory Government click here.

  • For information about business support click here.
  • Check media statements here for other relevant information e.g. information about vaccinations.

For the latest from the Queensland Government click here.

  • Current restrictions in Queensland. See the relevant information here.
  • The QLD Government has information available for those businesses employing seasonal workers available here.
  • For information about business support click here.
  • Check media statements here for other relevant information e.g. support packages available.
  • For the dedicated Coronavirus (COVID-19) support for agriculture page click here.

For the latest information from the Western Australia Government click here.

  • Check media statements here for other relevant information e.g. information about vaccinations.

Other information covering multiple topics

Hort AMIA QLD NT WA NT Farmers CQ Uni

This project has been funded by Hort Innovation using the mango research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government. Hort Innovation is the grower-owned, not-for-profit research and development corporation for Australian horticulture.

These resources have been created under the strategic levy investment project Building Best Management Practice Capacity for the Australian Mango Industry (MG17000), part of the Hort Innovation Mango Fund.

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