2020... A season like no other

The 2020 mango crop produced the lowest volume in seven years, defined by a later start, no real peaks, less product being exported, and the constant dance with COVID-19.

Despite a slightly later start, the beginning of the season was filled with the promise of a big crop, with weekly volumes tracking in line with the previous two seasons through to the end of September. As we moved into October and November the volume collapsed and didn’t rise again through Christmas and the second half of summer, culminating in -23% volume versus 2019. A total of 8.2 M trays were harvested in 2020.

The steep decline in production volume led to a significant reduction in the number of mangoes available for sale through the domestic retail channel, reflected in the year-on-year (YOY) volume decline of -21.7%. The lower volume resulted in less households buying mangoes -7.2%, they purchased less frequently -8.9%, and they bought less mangoes on each shopping occasion -7.4%. However, with all stakeholders working together to deliver an excellent consumer experience, shoppers were happy to pay a higher average retail price and the decline in value was minimised at -6.1%.

Bringing new buyers into the mango category and moving them up the ‘Ladder of Love’ has always been our long-term game plan. Ultimately, we want to grow the ‘Wedded Buyer’ segment and for good reason. During the 2020 season, 22% of mango buying households were ‘Wedded Buyers’—they were responsible for purchasing 50% of volume and represented 51% of spending.

They bought on average 31 mangoes and spent on average $66.89 across the season. ‘Wedded Buyers’ love Australian mangoes, will pay more for the experience, and will proudly tell the world. They are quite simply our greatest advocates, and we must retain and grow them.

Over the past seven years we have worked together breathing life into our marketing plan, illustrated by the ‘Wheel of Velocity and Momentum’. During this time, we have witnessed, again and again, that no two seasons are ever the same, and yet the ‘recipe for success’ never changes.

Our mantra of “Impulse is King, and quality is Queen” continues to be the primary motivation for why consumers buy mangoes. Accurate forecasting provides a clear vision of what’s coming and when, allowing retailers to adjust their marketing and promotional plans to sync with the rhythm of the crop. Having highly visible, large, luscious displays of beautiful, quality mangoes that look fresh and vibrant, and are packed with that unique mango flavour is the cornerstone for building sustainable profitable growth.

The job of marketing is to shape consumer behaviour maximising short-term sales, and long-term brand value. Over the past seven years we have given our retailers good reason to move away from simply selling mangoes at a price, to the current position of selling the provenance, inspiration, and value associated with Australian mangoes.

In 2020, our lowest volume year, we achieved the highest number of mango print media advertisements ever (483) and retained the highest share of voice (SOV) score—ranking mangoes number one in the fruit category, an exceptional result.

I extend my sincere congratulations to all of you—the passionate and committed individuals, the amazing teams, and the great businesses who have created this extraordinary industry. Over the past seven years, you have each contributed much to the success of Australian mangoes, and now, with the 2021 season fast approaching I wish you every success for the future.

For more information please contact Treena Welch, Australian Mangoes Marketing Manager on P: 0417 001 253 or E: marketing@mangoes.net.au

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