Australian Mango Industry to introduce objective quality testing in wholesale markets

This year the mango industry is focused on delivering high quality, great-tasting mangoes to consumers across Australia. 

The Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA), with the support of industry members, is introducing an objective reporting system to improve the overall quality and flavour of mangoes on offer to consumers.

About the system: 

  • Assessments will be carried out across all wholesale markets throughout the season.
  • The tests will sample the brix (flavour) levels of random consignments.
  • The results will be made available to all industry members on a weekly basis so that it may encourage them to adopt a harvest schedule that delivers the best flavour outcome for consumers.
  • AMIA’s Supply Development Manager, Boyd Arthur, will work closely with growers to ensure they are conducting “Dry Matter” tests before fruit is harvested. “Dry Matter” tests allow growers to determine when fruit is at its optimum maturity, therefore allowing them to deliver better-tasting mangoes to the market.

The objective: 
To deliver Australian consumers a consistently satisfying eating experience which meets, and exceeds, their expectations with every purchase.

Mango consumers expect high quality, great-tasting Australian mangoes, and the industry aims to deliver on that this Summer!

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