FACTSHEET: Understanding mango crop nutrition

A guide for Australian mango growers. First published in 2017, revised in 2020. 

Having the right fertiliser program is critical for efficient tree growth, fruit yield and importantly, fruit quality. It is important you get both the quantity and timing right. 

The objective of your fertiliser program is to maintain the soil with adequate nutrition to supply the needs of the trees as they grow throughout the season. To do this effectively requires an understanding of your orchard’s soil characteristics and the nutrient requirements for each growth stage of the orchard throughout the year. 

This guide includes: 

  • General Mango Nutrition
    • Soil impacts on crop nutrition
    • Healthy root systems
    • Tree growth cycles
  • Key Nutrients
    • Nitrogen
    • Calcium
    • Boron
    • Potassium
  • Designing Your Fertiliser Program 
    • Soil tests and leaf tests


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